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Wide Bay Test and Tag is your affordable test and tag solution
Government regulations require each commercial or industrial business to implement a test and tag program for all electrical equipment that staff might need to use. That program includes everything from the toaster and electric kettle in the staff meal room right through to safety switches and heavy electrically powered machinery.
Minimal disruption

We understand that the last thing you want is any disruption to your business or your production line.

We guarantee that, when we come to test and tag your equipment, we will keep any disruption to an absolute minimum.

Fully trained and certified inspectors

Our inspectors are fully trained and certified to carry out the inspections and testing for your equipment.

We maintain the paperwork
It is a requirement that an asset register and equipment database be compiled after the first inspection and be kept up to date from then on. When we test and tag your equipment for the first time we will compile that register and database and maintain it each time we inspect your equipment.
Alerts when re-tagging is due
The tags we place on your equipment will expire and the regulations require you to then have the equipment tested and tagged again. We will alert you when the expiry date is approaching and arrange to come back to test and tag your equipment. We take the hassles out of staying compliant with the testing and tagging regulations and we keep you, your business and your staff save.

Call us today on 0407 245 225 and keep your business and staff safe